I write to help me think and share what I know.


Everything that is made has one objective: grab your attention. The messages your friend sends you on facebook, the emails you receive from your colleagues, the posters you see as you walk to the station. Everything is fighting for your...

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Divide and conquer

I think one of the most important skills a person can have is the ability to break up a large task into smaller bits. We can’t jump into the hard stuff right away - we need to ease ourselves into...

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Creating a blog with Jekyll + Netlify CMS part 1

I’ve always wondered what the best way to create a blog is - meaning it should be both development friendly and easy for clients to edit. I stumbled upon using Jekyll (a static blog generator) with Netlify for hosting as...

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Desire to succeed

If you had all the resources available you needed to reach your goal - would you fulfil your dreams? Logic says yes. If my dream was to be a chess player - and I had grandmasters, coaches, facilities to support...

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3 Life changing books

I hesitate to use “Life-changing” as it is way too casually thrown out but it is definitely applicable here. While I was traveling, I was looking for a few audio books to digest on the flight(s) and came across these...

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